Environmentally Sustainable Development. 자연과 인간의 공생을 목표로 더욱 노력하겠습니다.


YOOSHIN pursues co-existence between human and nature.


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  • Basic Planning of the Busan Urban Traffic Improvement Project
  • Wide-area Traffic Improvement Project in Sihwa, Phase Ⅱ(Songsan Green City)
  • Master Plan and Project Implementation Planning for the Wide-area Business Complex in Dongtan New Town
  • Master Plan of the Artery Road Network Establishment in Sumatra Island, Indonesia

YOOSHIN provides diverse consulting services: Transportation impact analysis: transport safety improvement plan: comprehensive transport plan; public transport planning and operation: pedestrian priority zone planning and design, and: the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) planning and design. It is actively participating in diverse transport projects at home and abroad, playing a leading role in solving the fundamental traffic issues.

Major Work Areas

  • - Transport analysis, transport operation planning, traffic impact analysis, transport improvement measures, economic efficiency analysis, transport safety diagnosis
  • - Feasibility study and basic planning
  • - ITS (basic planning, design, and supervision)
  • - Overseas transportation projects( FS, basic planning and detailed design)