Environmentally Sustainable Development. 자연과 인간의 공생을 목표로 더욱 노력하겠습니다.


YOOSHIN pursues co-existence between human and nature.


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  • Offshore Wind Power
  • Offshore Wind Power
  • - Survey and analysis: To survey and analyze wind characteristic conditions, water depth, marine geotechnical survey and others
  • - Wind power site arrangement: To set up optimal site arrangement plans by using WindPRO and WAsP programs
  • - Sub-structure types: To decide the most optimal sub-structure types (Jacket, Gravity, Mono-Pile, Tri- Pod) in consideration of generator load, topographic, and wind characteristic conditions
  • - Offshore structure interpretation: To check member forces in ultimate limit conditions by considering marine environment loads(wave and tide) based on the SACS program
    To conduct detailed interpretation, fatigue interpretation and seismic interpretation by using structure interpretation programs like Midas