Environmentally Sustainable Development. 자연과 인간의 공생을 목표로 더욱 노력하겠습니다.


YOOSHIN pursues co-existence between human and nature.

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  • The Incheon Grand Bridge
  • The Jindo Bridge, Paragraph 2
  • Ulsan Grand Bridge
  • The Yeosu Grand Bridge
  • A Immersed Tunnel Dock
  • The Unam Bridge
  • The Narodo Bridge
  • The Changseon-Samchonpo Grand Bridge
  • The Yeongheung Grand Bridge
  • The Aphae Grand Bridge
  • 1545 Bridge
  • Youngjong Grand bridge
  • Gwangan Grand Bridge
  • The Miho Grand Bridge
  • The Busan-Geoje Grand Bridge
  • Geogeumdo Bridge
  • The Dolsan-Whatae Bridge
  • Jeokgeum-Yeongnam Suspension Bridge
  • The Muyoung Grand Bridge
  • The North Port Grand Bridge
  • The New Yangsu Grand Bridge
  • The World Cup Grand Bridge
  • - Yooshin has diverse experiences in planning, design and construction supervision on most of the major domestic
      long-span marine bridges including Youngjong Grand Bridge (world’s largest self-anchored double-deck suspension
      bridge), Gwangan Grand Bridge, Yi Sun-sin Bridge (the longest span = 1,545m), Jeokgum Bridge (single-span
      suspension bridge: the span = 850m), Youngheung Grand Bridge and Samcheonpo Grand Bridge, Bukhang Grand Bridge,
      Yeosu Grand Bridge (the longest span=430m), and Incheon Grand Bridge (completed in October 2009)

  • - Furthermore, Yooshin has successfully won the bridge design competition for Songdo 3rd Bridge in the Incheon
      Free Economic Zone, World Cup Bridge, and Yeosu-Goheung marine bridges.

  • - Yooshin's bridge design technologies have been widely recognized across the world by conducting design of
      Ulsan Grand Bridge (world’s 3rd longest single-span suspension bridge: the longest span=1,150m)
      and providing the technical consulting services on construction for the Oakland Bay Bridge in USA.