Environmentally Sustainable Development. 자연과 인간의 공생을 목표로 더욱 노력하겠습니다.


YOOSHIN pursues co-existence between human and nature.

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  • Daejeon Urban Railway Line No.1 3-Arch Tunnel
  • Shinbuk-Buksan(Baehuryeong Tunnel)
  • The Bundang Line (Wangshipri-Cheongdam) Han River Undersea Tunnel
  • Dongbaeksan~Dogye Section, Youngdong Line
  • Shinbuk-Buksan(Baehuryeong Tunnel) 2

YOOSHIN provides planning and design services for ultra long, large-sectioned, soft-ground, and under-river tunnels and other types as well using various tunneling technologies such as the shield TBM method. YOOSHIN leads the development of domestic tunnel technologies through consistent R&D activities, technical supports for the tunnel construction supervisions and construction performance analysis. Performed the nation’s first shield tunnel design in the 1980's, it boasts various project experiences: the Gyeongbu High-speed Railway Tunnel, the Solan Tunnel of Yeongdong Expressway (the largest road tunnel in Korea: L=16.2km), the Shield Tunnel under the Han River (Bundang Railway Line from Wangsipri to Cheongdam), and the Three-Arch Tunnel (nation’s largest (W≒28m) passing under the Daejeon Subway Line No. 1.

Major Work Areas

  • - Road tunnels
  • - Railway tunnels
  • - Under-water tunnels
  • - Subway tunnels