Environmentally Sustainable Development. 자연과 인간의 공생을 목표로 더욱 노력하겠습니다.


YOOSHIN pursues co-existence between human and nature.

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  • Project
  • Bongrae Tunnel Reinforcement
  • Buhang Dam Foundation Reinforcement Design (TK)
  • Yeosu Industrial Complex Approach Road Stability Study (Package No. 3, TK)
  • MAC Geum River 1st Bridge Stability Study (TK)

Specialized in ground survey and analysis, YOOSHIN provides all kinds of consulting services including soft ground treatment, structure foundation design and slope and reinforcement design. It boasts diverse project experiences: soft ground improvement design for Incheon International Airport, foundation and anchorage design for the Gwangan Grand Bridge, and the substructure design for the Incheon Grand Bridge.

Major Work Areas

  • - Site survey and analysis
  • - Structure foundation planning and design
  • - Slope safety review and reinforcement design
  • - Earth and underground structure design