Environmentally Sustainable Development. 자연과 인간의 공생을 목표로 더욱 노력하겠습니다.


YOOSHIN pursues co-existence between human and nature.


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  • 쓰레기 자동Collector facility개요도
  • 쓰레기 자동Collector facility개요도

In line with the global trend of wasted material re-use, YOOSHIN is also focused on developing new renewable energy technologies based on its wide range of engineering experiences and know-how. The Environment Plant Department of YOOSHIN, which is expanding its market share at home and abroad, will become a world-class environment consulting service provider based on its limitless potential.

Major Work Areas

  • - Renewable energy (hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power)facility design
  • - Water treatment(sewage and wasted water) facility design
  • - Watergate steel facility design
  • - Automatic garbage collecting facility design
  • - Deteriorated pipe improvement design
  • - Machinery design for environment facility (resource reuse, garbage incineration, and food waste treatment)
  • - Machinery design for airport and port support facility
  • - Tunnel ventilation design